Esther M Passaris Esther M Passaris Esther M Passaris Esther M Passaris Esther M Passaris


As Women Rep for Nairobi County my primary role is as a legislator in the National Assembly, capable of performing my duties as stipulated in the Kenya constitution. This position is absolutely necessary for the furtherment of the rights and interests of women within the political sphere. Article 100 recognizes that women constitute a special interest group and article 27 guarantees women equal treatment, including the right to equal opportunity, in the political sphere.

The roles of the Women Representative, thus includes all the duties specified to all other members of the National Assembly as contained in article 95 of the constitution and this includes budgeting (allocation, expenditure and oversight of national revenue), determining the conduct of State officers, overseeing state organs, and approving declarations of war and states of emergency.

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